Dear NOM:

Nota: Desde hace tiempo tengo ganas de escribir algunos posts en inglés, y este definitivamente lo amerita.

I guess everybody here has at least heard about certain video sponsored by NOM.

If you haven’t, you can go here and watch it (and a so beautiful it’s almost unbelievable response here). Last time I checked, it was right in the main page. If you can bear it at first watch, congratulations. I couldn’t.

But well. That’s what I’d like to say to the people who made this video.

Dear NOM. I finally watched the entire video, because the first times I tried, just couldn’t. I got too disgusted by it.

I’m not going to say it’s a big piece of crap. In fact, it is. It’s the most revolting… thing I’ve seen in a minute or less. But I? gonna make an effort to take it seriously.

Let’s see…

No, I can’t.

Dear «gathering storm» guys, a video that starts like that can’t be taken seriously. It’s a crude attempt of manipulation. Dear «afraid» girl, chill out a bit. We won’t beat you, jail you, shoot you or murder you. We’re the ones who have received that treatment. And yes, it has happened.

I’m not looking for pity, just for some respect. If sometimes I seem victimist, it’s because this video’s got so much victimist that in case it was water, we all would need boats.

Dear girl who thinks, and I quote literally «Those who advocate for same sex marriage have taken the issue far beyond same sex couples»:No, we only want to take it to the right point. As long as we are not given the rights we deserve as human beings, it just means we haven’t reached equality. And if we don’t have it yet, we’re not taken any issue far beyond anything.

Dear «They want to bring the issue into MY life» man, and «My freedom will be taken away» woman.

Guess what?

When members of a gay couple can’t even visit their loved ones into a hospital because they’re not «relatives», and they are not allowed to make medical choices because they aren’t «family» (even if the couple has spent years together and they know better what the partner would want than any member of the family), then is when an issue is brought into someone’s life. And it’s not yours. And then is when someone’s freedom is taken away. And it’s not yours either.

Dear «California doctor, who must choose between her faith and her job». Let’s ignore the fact that you’re not a doctor, and may be not californian, either. Let’s pretend you’re a doctor. You say you have to choose between attaching to the principles of medical practice, by helping, for example, a lesbian couple to conceive, or your faith who tells you that they must not conceive because they are two women who love each other.

When you are a doctor, your job is to help people medically. That’s it. Can you really refuse to help, and think it’s O.K? I mean, if you want to have prejudices, you can have them in the privacy of your home, exactly like people like you say if we want to be gay we can be gay under and only under our own ceilings. A job is a job and, as heartless as it may sound, you have rules to follow. Otherwise (Let me be as apocalypthical as the video you appear in is) doctors could find reasons to refuse treatmen anyone they want, just because they want to.

Next, It cums… sorry, comes, a «Member of a New Jersey church group, punished by the government because they can’t support same sex marriage»

The NOM website states: A New Jersey church group has been denied property tax exemption because they cannot in good conscience permit civil union ceremonies in church facilities.

Well, that’s asesome. Punished. I like the word. Sounds good, doesn’t it, dear New Jersey church group member?

It’s like… I don’t know… saying that I’ve been punished by the government because I have been denied joint tax returns with my partner. Wich, by the way, is that happens with gay couples. As we can’t marrye, we are punished by the government in many, and I mean, really many ways.

That’s what happens when you don’t fit the requirements. Law requests to be married to get those benefits, so we gay people are trying to change the law so it let us marry. Law requests open places to treat people without discrimination to get the tax exemptions, and if you discriminate, you won’t get them. Crystal clear.

You could try to change the law so you could impunely discriminate anyone you want. But you don’t want it, do you?

And now, we have «Massachussets mother, helplessly watching public schools teach her son gay marriage is O.K.»

Dear Masachussets mother: First of all, gay marriage is O.K. But I’m not gonna discuss that, because positions like yours are something I couldn’t change by arguing. When it comes to subjects like that, no one, ever, convinces anyone.

But…  you are not as helpless as you say. You can take your son out from the public school. You can take him to a private school, or homeschool him.And next, I guess white parents felt that way when ratial integration started to get to the schools. They were helplessly watching public schools to merge they precious, white little children with the niggers. Spooky. (I’m sorry, some kind of things just get to me)

And last, we have been, for years, helplessly watching everybody around teach their sons, which are the people we’re gonna live with in the future, that hating people for what they are is O.K. And we are way more helpless than you are. Because they are YOUR sons, and we can’t tell you how to educate them. We just can hope they learn to not to hate somewhere else than the home they should do. For example, public schools.

And then, we have three women who say that we, gay people, are not satisfied with living as we want, and we want to change the way they live, so strongly they, literally, will have no choice.

Dear all of you: you don’t say how, why, or what are we going to do to reach that cruel, dreadful goal. You just state it like that. In my town, we call it FUD.

Oh… wait a second, I forgot. Whe have the «Pink Mafia», and we want to ban straight marriage, and even straight relationships, so we can get all the men. Because if they can’t marry, all of them will suddenly turn gay and come to screw us. That’s right.

Now, seriously. We don’t give a damn about the way you live, so we expect you don’t give a damn about the way we live. If you do, we won’t accept it. We’re the ones who got the way they live changed an their choices avoided. Think for a second in Proposition 8. Straight couples didn’t win anything with it, and gay couples lost a lot. All California voters changed the way californian gay couples lived.

We’re the ones who, in certain countries, have no choice except be hanged.

If you excuse me, I’ll pas over the «Big-Brother-after-two-minutes-of-Hate» man who talks about rainbows and people who come in love to cut liberties… I mean, to protect marriage.

Just one thing: We know what is to have our freedom cut, our choices rejected, and someone else’s view messed in our lives. We’re the ones who get fired not because what we believe or what we do, but because what we are. Don’t tell me your freedom will be taken away, your way of life will be changed or your choices will be stopped. We know about it way more you’ll ever know.

The rainbow appears after the storm. It’s kinda appropriate it’s the gay symbol, because we want the storm to end. What storm? Ours.

Dear NOM: Do not talk to me about storms gathering and dark clouds over you, because we are the ones the storm has been raining on.

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