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Questionable Families.

I think I’ve never adressed the issue, but in fact I’m a webcomic addict.

In the Spanish language webcomic world, my all-time favorites are Leie (including the Eledos sequel), Fantasmitas and, specially, Planeta Absurdo.

In the English world, I’m a die-hard fan of Sinfest, Inverloch and Lackadaisy, just to say the best ones.

And, of course, Questionable Content. I think is the only webcomic that manages to combine a consistent high quality with frequent updates. Yeah, Sinfest updates even more often (and in it’s high points reaches heights QC has yet to achieve) but some of the strips are rather bland. Lackadaisy has an apalling visual quallity, but sometimes takes a month or two for the next update. Leie and Planeta Absurdo are the kings of sick humor, but also get pretty irregular every now and then.

And Inverloch is ended.

But I’m not going to compare (more than I already did, at least). Today I’ll write about an issue that has been bugging me for a few weeks, about the characters in QC. And, specially, their families.

Most of them, referring only to the ones we know their families, seem to have either conflicts with them or come from unorthodox families.

For example, Marten. His family appears to be functional in a really unusual way, but it works in spite all they’ve been throug. Just think for a moment: even before Marten knew what sex was, his father was having it with men. And his mother was having it while wearing leather and high heels. (almost, gotta check if he some time states the exact age he was when his parents divorced)

Now, despite it, his parents still share good relationships. Marten gets along with both of them, and as far as we know, they are in good terms. An example? Veronica says about Henry and his new partner that they are «A better couple than [Henry and me] ever were»

Another one? Henry asks Veronica for her permision to marry that said new partner. And she gives it happily… only conditioning it to Marten’s aproval, which also offers us a glimpse of how much they value their son’s opinion and love. And when permision is asked, Marten’s only concern is Henry’s happyness. So yeah, they’re functional, but a family formed by a gay gay club owner, an S&M MILF and their bossaroundable son is everything but orthodox.

What about Dora?

Her mother is barely sane, she’s got deep issues to work out about Sven, and she and her father get off with pictures of the same woman. (who at the end happens to be the mother of Dora’s boyfriend). I rest my case.

Let’s take Faye. Her father commited suicide infront of her, damn it. Even skipping the part «in front of her», which was unintended, he commited suicide (and we’ll never know why), and it doesn’t take a lot of hindsight to realize they have never fully recovered, unsurprisingly. So yeah, Faye, Amanda and mommy Whitaker are in good terms, but from certain point of view, are barely functional.

Penelope’s a fierce atheist, while her parents are fundamentalist christians. Yeah, they can get kinda a truce, as she did with Will (or so it seems), but first, Will is not that a fundamentalist, and second, he’s not her father, so he wouldn’t have the urge to «set her in the right way». It would be interesting to see Pen-Pen interacting with her family, but at this point, we should consider ourselves lucky if we get to SEE her.

And let’s not even start with Hanners. Both her parents are billionaires, but (maybe because they are) none of them actually cares about her. Mom Chatham ignores what mothers and daughters are supossed to do together, and daddy Elicott built a robot so her daughter could have sex.

Stop it.

It’s HANNER’S family what we’re talking about. Of course it can’t be functional!

So, the only character who actually has a «normal» family, both in the sense of «orthodox» and «functional», is perhaps the last we would think: Raven.  We haven’t met them, seen them or known a lot about them, but she doesn’t seem to have problems with them (she stated wishing to «follow their footsteps» in science) or deep issues to work out.

Marten would come next, with a family that is everything but orthodox, but still manages to work incredibly well. Faye’s family does pretty good considering all things that they’ve been through, but Dora, Penelope and Hanners (in descending order) are a lot less lucky with their families. Although all of them lead rather succesful lives (even Hanners… kind of),  all of them seem to have trouble with their families.

Of course, we don’t know anything about Tai’s family. Or Wil’s, or even Steve’s. Altough, considering how cool Steve is, his parents must be awesome and Jeph, please please please let him have a little brother. We could get clues surfing through the strips, but I’ve got some homework to do.