Road to Eurovision 2010: Final preview

Only five song more to review: The Big Four, who basically buy their ticket to the final, and the host country, Norway, who got to the final as the previous year winner. This might get updated a couple times if I don’t get to review all of them at once.

The songs here are reviewed in the order they will be performed at the final:

Daniel Diges with «Algo pequeñito» for Spain.
Didrik Solli-Tangen with «My heart is yours» for Norway.
Josh Dubovie with «That sounds good to me» for United Kingdom.
Jessy Matador with «Allez! Olá! Olé!» for France
Lena Meyer-Landrut with «Satellite» for Germany.

The rest, under the cut because some browsers crash for all the videos here.

Spain: Daniel Diges:Algo pequeñito

The problem is not the song, because the song is good. The problem is not the singer, because he actually can sing. The problem is not the performance, because the idea is great and very well done. The problem is the singing.

This guy has a weird case of the Aisha disease. He’s not trying to sing above his capacity, as he’s fully capable of singing this. The problem is that he doesn’t need to sing that hard. It doesn’t suit the lyrics, the music or the performance. So it’s not like he’s trying to put intensity in the song and failing (like Filipa Azevedo or Aisha), but like he’s putting, succesfully, too much intensity on a song that doesn’t need it.

This is not Bad-bad, only unerachieving-bad.

Norway: Didrik Solli-Tangen – My heart is yours

He can sing, he really can. He’s also cute as a kitten, and he even has personality. The only problem here is that he was given a song with so little personality that I doubt he can make ammends for it.

The only thing worth noting here (besides Didrik’s good looks, I mean) is the raining gold in the background at the very end (Michael von der Heide, take note. You should do something like this), the lighting, and well, I guess Norway sending violins just had to happen.

United Kingdom: Josh Dubovie – That sounds good to me

I’m not sure: is this a love song or a we’re-gonna-win-Eurovision hymn?

If it’s the second, I like it, but if it’s the first, I love it. Anyway, I fancy it enough to hope it to end in top ten (And it’s the only song in this post to achieve this… sorry, Didrik), as it’s addictive, lighthearted and absolutely sticky, and with a better performance, it would have reached winner quality.In fact, I can’t remember any song with that kind of appeal since 2000 Latvia’s «My Star».

But, to be honest, those mouths in the backing girl’s T-shirts are gonna give me nightmares.

France: Jessy Matador – Allez! Ola! Olé!

This is a great song… for dancing (well, except for the parts it gets all reggae/hip-hop/or so, a fashiong that’s spreading like a plague lately, and yeah, I hate it) but I think it won’t do in the contest because nobody’s gona dance on their dining rooms while watching this (nobody but me, but I’m insane) Although, if some song could give us a surprise and win all out of the blue, I’d bet for this. People could somehow go for the catchy.

Germany: Lena – Satellite

Every now and then, fortunatelly not much often, there are times in the contest when some crappy, mediocre, unconsequential stuff somehow manages to beat a clearly superior song against odds and justice.

If you don’t believe me compare Take me to your heaven with All out of luck:

Or, even more blatantly as the winning act has absolutely no traces of winner quality, while the second might be the best song ever to compete in the Contest, Everybody with Die for you:

(I’d give more details, but that rant deserves a whole post on it’s own)

Now, the first time I listened to «Satellite», I was in the shower and rushing to get to school, so I paid little attention and deemed it as one of those crappy, mediocre, unconsequential songs, which scared me because I’d hate to see one of them winning.

I listened to it again and it turned out I was wrong. This is not crappy or unconsequential, and only mediocrely mediocre.

What I mean is that it’s got quality hidden there, and no little indeed. It has so much quality hidden that if it somehow overcomes all it’s failures, it may even join the Winner Quality Club.

It seems hard as there are many failures to overcome, but it can be done. Name the atrocious way Lena pronounces «day», forgetting it rhymes with «way», which she pronounces correctly two sentences later. And there’s also her «Hi-where-is-the-bathroom» posture, and some other akward body language things that make her look small and dwarfed in that gorgeus stage, but if she fix all of it, we have a good song waiting to hatch in our hands.

The only thing: don’t you dare touching the dress or the lighting. They’re perfect.

There won’t be awards only for the people on the final because they’re only five. Next post will have the overall awards.

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