Road to Eurovision 2010: Overall review.

Here, for the sake of it, excerpts for all 39 songs:

(Although I think it still includes Alyosha’s old song, «To be free», instead of «Sweet People»)

Watching all the performances, I can’t less than thinking this is gonna be one of the best contests ever. We’ve got many of acts that would be worthy winners, many that are in the range from average to good, and actually not so many that are bad or awful, either the singer or the song.

Of course, some are better, and some are worse, so here we’ll recognize both kinds. Before we get to it, a little disclaimer: this is, as the title says, a preview. When I watch the contest the final result could be different.

Best performance overall: Horehronie, by Kristina.
Funniest performance overall: Työlki Ellää, by Kuunkuiskaajat
Worst performance overall: Lost and Forgotten, by Peter Nalitch and Band.

Best song overall: Angel si ti, by Miro.
Worst song overall: Siren, by Malcolm Lincoln.

Best male singer overall: Michael von der Heide, representing Switzerland.
Worst male singer overall: Peter Nalitch and Band, representing Russia.

Best female singer overall: On a second hearing, I’d count Croatia’s Femminem as the best in the contest, mostly because Lako je sve requires more strength than Shine or My Dream.
Worst female singer overall: Aisha, representing Latvia.

Best idea onstage overall: The translucent wall on In a Moment Like This, by Christina Chanée and Tomas N’evergreen.
Stupidest idea onstage overall: Everything about Eastern European Funk, by inCulto.

Best Dressed Nominees: Michael von der Heide and Kuunkuiskaajat.
Frontrunners for the Barbara Dex Award: Ollia Tira and Anna Bergendahl.

Best Teeth: Kuunkuiskaajat.

Best looks on a guy overall: Didrik Solli-Tangen, representing Norway.
Hottest guy overall: Any of Greece’s backing dancers.
Cutest guy overall: Didrik Solli-Tangen, again. (Sorry, Jon. Not even you can beat him)

Best looks on a girl overall: Aisha, representing Latvia.
Hottest girl overall: Paula Seling, representing Romania.
Cutest girl overall: Sieneke, representing Netherlands.

Kristina, with Horehronie, representing Slovakia.
Juliana Pasha, with It’s all about you, representing Albania.
Hera Bjork, with Je ne sais quoi, representing Iceland.
Eva Rivas, with Apricot stone, representing Armenia.
Harel Skaat, with Milim, representing Israel.
Miro with Angel si ti, representing Bulgaria.

The ones who fell a little short:
Kuunkuiskaajat, with Työrkï Ellää, representing Finland, because they would need be from any other country.
Chanée & N’evergreen, with In a moment like this, representing Denmark, because they need better makeup. Also, because their performance relied a lot on the stage they were in.
Femminem, with Lako je sve, representing Croatia, because they need to stop doing weird stuff onstage.
Sofia Niharadze, with Shine, representing Georgia, because she needs I-don-know-what. Maybe less proselitist fans.
Josh Dubovie, with That sounds good to me, representing United Kingdom, because he needs a better performance.
Lena, with Satellite, representing Germany, mainly because she needs to feel like a star and English classes. And a toilet.

And, if I were a country, my points would go to:

12: Slovakia
10: Albania
8: Finland
7: Cyprus
6: UK
5: Armenia
4: Netherlands
3: Denmark
2: Bulgaria
1: Israel

As a proof of how good this contest can get, I left out a winner quality act, Iceland. And to include it, I would have to drop another winner quality act, Israel. Tell me about competition. Also, I had to do it by elimination, and if I could I’d have included Switzerland, Iceland, Croatia and Germany, and may be Turkey.

That pretty much does it for the preview. In two weeks the real thing starts. (I hope this preview will get helpful to review the semis and final… which I’ll do, of course!)

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