Coping with the copying.

If I had two faces, I’d be  double facepalming right now.

The Irish guys are acusing the British ones of betraying their fans.

The Russian dude is acusing the Swedish lad of stealing his live show.

Then, someone said he also stole his drumbeats of some Caribbean act.

And Sweden tried to divert the atention by acusing the Danish blokes of stealing their entire song from some Melodifestivalen entrant of a couple years ago.

In other news, the Azerbaijani song somehow got stuck in my head, even if I have my doubts about the performance. I’m rooting for them, actually.

And Emmy (who turned out to be quite a capable singer when the song calls for it) made Boom Boom a guilty pleasure for me. There’s no way to save the song and I feel really bad… but I kinda like it.

Now, let’s go in order.

First of all, Jedward, grow up. That kind of thing is the most subjective one and really, only Blue’s fans can judge if they have been betrayed.

Second, the live show thing… This is (supposedly) a SONG contest, so you can copy as much as you want of a show, concept or choreography as long as it’s not copyrighted.

Some samples of the “Girl with two backing dancers wearing dark and a dazzling choreography” thing:

Carola, 1991.

Selma, 1999

Alsou, 2000

Guri Schanke, 2008

Or how about some “Indie singer with a guitar and an idealistic ballad”?

Nicole, 1982

Walters and Kazha, 2005

Anna Bergendahl and Tom Dice, 2010 (We could debate about the true indieness of Tom, but he fits the concept)

Paradise Oskar, 2011

And let’s not even start with Helena, Ruslana, Kristina and that stuff.

So there.

The acusations of song copying are way more serious… after all, this is supposed to be a song contest. Let’s be clear:

It’s true that “New tomorrow” sounds like a slow version of “Sing for life”… in the chorus.

And it’s true that the drums on “Popular” sound a lot alike the palms on “Mr. Rasputin”.

But ripping off is not the same thing that stealing… specially when both the Danish and Swedish acts are blatant ripoffs of Love Shine a Light. I’m willing to bet we can find more acts with the same beat than Popular and Mr. Rasputin.

Edit: Turns out there is. From 34 years ago, no less.

So there.

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