Eurovision country statistics, just because.

Most victories: Ireland (7 : 1970, -80, -87, -92, -93, -94, -96)

Most consecutive victories: Ireland (-92, -93, -94). The only other countries with consecutive victories are Spain (-68, -69) and Israel (-78, -79).

Most top-two placings: United Kingdom (20).

Most consecutive top-two placings: United Kingdom (4: 1967-70)

Most top-five placings: United Kingdom (29)

Most consecutive top-five placings: United Kingdom (1967-77)

Most top-ten placings: United Kingdom (42)

Most consecutive top-ten placings: United Kingdom (1957-77)

Most top-two, top-five and top-ten placings without a win: Malta (2 top-two placings, 5 top-five placings, and twelve top-ten placings, without ever winning)

mMost times entering the contest: Germany (all but one, in 1997)

Most consecutive times entering: United Kingdom (every year since 1958)

Most times entering without ever withdrawing: Spain (every year since their debut in 1960), followed by Croatia (18)

Most times entering before winning: Finland (39 entries before first victory)

Most times entering without winning: Portugal (44 entries and counting)

Least times entering before winning: 0 (Switzerland in 1956 and Serbia in 2007 won in their debuts). If considering that Serbia had entered as part of Serbia and Montenegro, and that Switzerland couldn’t enter before 1956 because the Contest didn’t exist, then the record would go to Netherlands (1957) and Ukraine (2004), both winning in their second attempt.

Most last placings: Norway (10)

Most consecutive last placings: Germany (1964-65)

Most times entering before placing last: United Kingdom (45, they came last in 2003)

Most times entering without placing last: France (53 and counting), followed by Israel (33) and Greece (31)

Most victories without ever placing last: France (5)

Most last placings without ever winning: Malta and Portugal (3)

Winning countries that don’t take part anymore: Luxembourg and Monaco.

Winning countries that don’t exist anymore: Yugoslavia (And maybe West Germany)

Placing last and winning next year: Luxembourg (1960-61), Netherlands (1958-59 and  68-69), and Belgium (1985-86)

Winning and placing last next year: Netherlands (1957-58), which gives them the unique feature of winning, then placing last, and then winning again.

The only winner that has never hosted the contest is Monaco.

The only country that has hosted the contest without having previously won is Germany, host in 1957. However, they won later.

And finally, a funny record: Since 1996, no country has ever won more than once. Here’s the full list:

1996: Ireland

1997: United Kingdom

1998: Israel

1999: Sweden

2000: Denmark

2001: Estonia

2002: Latvia

2003: Turkey

2004: Ukraine

2005: Greece

2006: Finland

2007: Serbia

2008: Russia

2009: Norway

2010: Germany

2011: Azerbaijan

And, for all countries between 2001 and 2008, this was their first victory.

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